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Australia's first commercial payload rocket blasts off

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Australia's first commercial payload rocket has taken off in the state of Queensland on Wednesday, marking what many hope will be the start of a developing industry.

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The launch, which took place in the outback border region of the state, was a test by company Black Sky Aerospace of it's Sighter190 rocket, sending a number of commercial products including sensors to extreme heights.

"This Sighter190 research rocket is the first in Australia to catapult a commercial payload sky high, and that's happening right here in our own backyard in Queensland," state minister for Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning Cameron Dick said.

"Black Sky Aerospace is proof Queensland can play a leading role in designing and manufacturing rocket and satellite technologies, including for projects like data collection for the communications, farming and mining industries."

The four-meter long rocket travelled to around 5,180 meters, breaking the sound barrier as it went.

Sensors belonging to Queensland aerospace venture, Hypersonix were tested in the flight, monitoring the effect of the extreme g-force loads associated with rocketry.

"This test launch is giving Hypersonix a rare and invaluable opportunity to test the behavior of their advanced composite materials at a significant altitude," Dick said.

"The data collected from this test will help push the boundaries of hypersonic flight - a field with incredible potential to shape the future of transport and space travel."

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