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Avocado ban hits San Cristobal's economies

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Benny Metz, Senate candidate from the province of San Cristobal, said the measure imposed by the US will significantly hit this province, since 70% of the economy of the municipality of Cambita Garabitos depends on avocados.

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Of the 1,000 containers exported annually, about 350 come from this town in San Cristobal. The politician stressed that due to the ban imposed by the United States, Puerto Rico, and now Haiti, there are about 100 containers currently stranded, and although countries like Canada and Russia are interested in this item, these are only solutions for the future.

"I worry about the fate of more than 3,000 avocado producers in my province, which have been left only with the local market, since there are risks that the volume and price may both be excessive for this market," stated Metz.

He argued that the ban imposed by these countries will cause others to take the place of the Dominican Republic as a supplier, and when restrictions are lifted, the country will lose competitiveness and jobs.

The lawyer and expert in international trade suggested that "ideally, we should aim to diversify our markets, i.e. to explore new markets in Latin America, Europe and Asia."

Metz made this statement during a visit to the National Agricultural Fair, where he joined the President of the Avocado Growers Cluster of Cambita Garabito, José Rosa.

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