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Azerbaijan leads in quality of roads among CIS countries

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Azerbaijan is ranked 1st among the CIS countries in the quality of roads and ranked 36th (4.8 points), according to the Global Competitiveness Index 2017-2018.

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The quality of roads was assessed on a scale of one to seven points. In terms of the quality of road infrastructure Azerbaijan has outstripped many neighboring countries: Armenia (85th place - 3.7 points), Georgia (82nd - 3.8 points), Russia (114th - 2.9 points), Kazakhstan (115th - 2,9 points), and Ukraine (130 - 2.4 points). Turkey came in 30th with 5 points.

The best roads are in the United Arab Emirates (6.4 points), Singapore (6.3 points), Switzerland (6.3 points), Hong Kong (6.2 points), the Netherlands (6.1 points), Japan (6.1 points), France (6 points), Portugal (6 points), Austria (6 points), and the U.S. (5.7 points).

The worst roads are in Mauritania, which gained 2 points. It is followed by the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Haiti. Both of them gained 2.1 points.

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