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Backup camera mandatory for cars in U.S.

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A federal rule went into effect, requiring all passenger vehicles being equipped with backup cameras.

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Under the rule, all cars, buses and trucks below 10,000 pounds manufactured or made to sell in the United States are required to have rearview video systems as standard equipment

The field of view must include a 10-foot by 20-foot zone directly behind the vehicle.

The technology is expected to further reduce the number of injuries and fatalities caused by backover crashes, local media stated.

An estimated 210 people die and 15,000 are injured each year because of backover crashes, data of the federal government show. Children under five account for 31 percent of backover deaths each year, and adults aged above 70 account for 26 percent.

"This technology helps drivers see behind the vehicle, which ... will help save lives and prevent injuries," local media quoted Heidi King, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration deputy administrator, as saying in a statement.

In response to the federal requirement, Ford standardized rearview cameras for all cars and trucks below 10,000 pounds in November. Nissan and Toyota are also in compliance with the rule.

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