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Bad news for Google: Number of small-businesses that think search is important is falling

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The Small Business Authority found in August 2015 that 45% of U.S. small-business owners said traffic from search engines was important as a source of new business opportunities.

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Just 17 percent of respondents were actively investing in SEO.
That was down five percentage points since 2014, when the importance of search traffic was affirmed by a bare majority. In April 2015, Capital One Spark Business polled US small-business owners about which marketing tactics had brought the most ROI.

Just 13% chose search engine optimization (SEO), though 18% chose online advertising, which could include search formats.

Nearly two in five respondents, 40%, however, said none of the tactics named was effective.

Seventeen percent of respondents said they were actively investing in SEO, while 25% were spending on online advertising in general. Both social media and email investments rated higher.

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