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Biggest crops in California survive drought

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Despite ravaging dry conditions that have plagued the county and the rest of the state, the two biggest crops in the county seem to be surviving nature's blows.

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According to Lake County Department of Agriculture Commissioner Steven Hajik, severe drought conditions have not yet had a great impact on production numbers of grapes and pears in the county, Lake County Record-Bee reports.

Mr. Hajik said that, as far as he knows, grape and pear growers have not missed irrigations yet, which leads him to believe that production numbers will not be heavily impacted this year. That, however, is not the reality for all crops in the county.

The big valley growers, Mr. Hajik explained, have more access to aquifers than growers in the upper lands. He added that grapes and pears, which need to be constantly irrigated, are more common in the lower lands and walnuts are more common in higher lands. As a result, walnut growers are seeing higher impact on their crops than grape and pear growers.

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