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Biodiesel producers from Argentina want to appeal to WTO against U.S. tariff

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The head of the Argentinean Chamber of Biofuels (Carbio), Luis Zubizarreta, urged his country's government to appeal to the World Trade Organization (WTO) to arbitrate the tax of up to 72.28% imposed by the US against Argentinean biodiesel.

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"The absolutely protectionist measure of the US government was expected, but it does not stop being unjust and irrational, and without technical and legal support, despite the enormous effort of the Foreign Ministry," said Zubizarreta.

"The US is in the process of closing its economy, and we are paying for part of it," he added, in an interview to Télam Radio.

He also said that "it is key that the Argentinean government resorts to the World Trade Organization. There is no other way."

Argentina won a similar dispute in the WTO with the EU, which had imposed countervailing duties on imports of Argentinean biodiesel, also for alleged dumping.

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