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Biodiesel producers support Renewable Fuel Standard

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Dozens of biodiesel stakeholders from across the U.S. were heading to Capitol Hill to support the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and voice strong disappointment with the Obama Administration's recent proposal for next year's renewable fuels volumes.

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Biodiesel production is on track to set a production record of approximately 1.7 billion gallons this year, using an increasingly diverse mix of feedstocks including recycled cooking oil, agricultural oils and animal fats.

The EPA's proposed rule for next year would set biodiesel volumes at 1.28 billion gallons while shrinking the overall Advanced requirement to 2.2 billion gallons. The biodiesel category is a subset of the overall Advanced category.

The draft proposal is particularly damaging because it freezes the biodiesel reduction for two years - 2014 and 2015. Additionally, because excess biodiesel production in 2013 can be carried over for compliance into 2014 the 1.28 billion gallon proposal for 2014 could mean an effective market closer to 1 billion gallons - a dramatic reduction from current levels.

Biodiesel is the first and only commercial-scale fuel produced across the U.S. to meet the EPA's definition as an Advanced Biofuel - meaning the EPA has determined that it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50 percent when compared with petroleum diesel.

Produced in nearly every state in the country, the industry has exceeded RFS requirements in every year of the program, producing more than 1 billion gallons annually since 2011. It is supporting more than 62,000 jobs nationwide. NBB is the U.S. biodiesel trade association.

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