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Blueberry acreage in Poland increased 45% in five years

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Producers of this small American fruit claim that blueberries are currently the most attractive crop in Poland, reports Puls Biznesu.

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Both supply and demand are on the rise, and there are also no complaints regarding prices.

"Some apple growers are now introducing the crop, which is now one of the most attractive in Poland," affirms Michal Lachowicz, head of the company Appolonii, which in addition to apples has recently started supplying American blueberries.

"The market says that blueberries are an extremely profitable business. Indeed, prices at the beginning and end of the season have boosted the fruit's expansion; however, it requires a considerable investment, and you must also invest in warehouses and cold chambers," adds Irenaeus Komorowski, President of the Association Blueberry Growers (SPBA).

Over the last five years, Poland's blueberry acreage has increased by over 45 percent, according to data supplied by BGZ BNP Paribas for the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Food Economy. Currently, the total acreage amounts to approximately 7 thousand hectares.

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