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Blueberry exports from Peru growing exponentially

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According to Sierra Exportadora, a body under the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri), Peru’s blueberry production in 2014 amounted to 2,000 tons, 95% of which were destined for export.

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That mainly went to the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

Peru’s blueberry production is growing exponentially and the country has been exporting low quantities of the product on regular flights at an almost daily basis.

However, New Transport SA, a leading company in the transport of perishable goods, marked a milestone in the export of this product by sending the first official charter of 85 tons of blueberries to New York.

This first shipment belongs to the Talsa and Camposol companies, pioneers in this crop; after which many other companies invested heavily in blueberries.

"Our country has become a very competitive market regarding blueberry exports, an item that is constantly growing and has become a global trend. If we continue having the same growth we’ve had in recent years, our country could become the largest producer and exporter of blueberries in South America.

"The recent shipment we made to New York will mark a milestone in the export of this product, which could even displace grapes, asparagus, or avocados from the top exports in Peru in a few years," said Martin Chavez, CEO of New Transport SA

"Expectations are that, in the next three years, this crop will revolutionize Peruvian agriculture because of its high protein content, high commercial value, and high labor requirement. In this context, we expect blueberry exports, which in just six years passed from 2.5 tons to 2,500 tons, will continue increasing," concluded Chavez.

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