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Bolivia to provide Peru with mobile telephony and internet services

Christian Fernsby |
Bolivia's National Telecommunications Company (Entel) is planning to provide Peru with mobile telephony and Internet services in September, according to Cambio newspaper.

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his state-funded newspaper cites the Entel CEO, Mauricio Altovez, who highlighted the agreements signed between the Bolivian President, Evo Morales, and his Peruvian counterpart, Martín Vizcarra, during the 5th Peru-Bolivia Binational Cabinet which was held last Tuesday in the city of Ilo.

In the meeting, both sides agreed to the contract signing between the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications and Entel Bolivia SAC to provide Peru with telecommunication services.

Likewise, the parties will go on promoting actions to expand and boost connectivity, universalize services and reduce the digital divide in both nations was reaffirmed.

Bolivia, on the other hand, reported on the advanced optical fiber connection to the Pacific. In this regard, Altovez said the cable laying works will conclude in August, so as to provide Peru with telecom services a month later.

Being provided with our own oversea optical-fiber network will allow Entel -with Internet services- to negotiate directly with international operators. It will result in a reduced internet service rates for those who use Entel.

The Bolivian government explained that to set up and implement Entel Bolivia SAC in Peru and also conduct the fiber-optic cable laying service, over $60 million are required.

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