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Brazil 4G coverage triples in 2016, says Telebrasil

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The number of municipalities with 4G coverage in Brazil tripled in 2016. 4G networks were installed in 1,526 municipalities.

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This is an increase of 225 percent compared to 2015. 4G already reaches cities where 71 percent of the country's population lives.

According to research by the Brazilian Telecommunications Association (Telebrasil), the country closed 2016 with 60 million 4G users.

Including also 3G, 196.4 million people used mobile broadband, after 4.6 million new connections activated in 2016.

3G networks are installed in 4,985 municipalities, which concentrate 98 percent of the Brazilian population.

Including both fixed and mobile broadband, data for December 2016 show a total of 223 million connections in the country, after 5.7 million new connections were activated last year.

Of the total, 26.6 million were fixed broadband, a segment that grew 4.4 percent in the year, with 1.1 million new connections.

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