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Brazil and Canada main non-EU destinations for Spanish exports

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The main non-European destinations for Spanish fresh fruit and vegetable exports in 2014 were Brazil and Canada, with 70.4 million and 58.5 million euros, respectively.

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That was an increases of 25% and 165% compared to 2013, according to data from the Directorate General of Customs, of the Ministry of Economy and processed by FEPEX.

In terms of volume, Spanish exports to Brazil in 2014 amounted to 88,895 tonnes, an increase of 56% compared to 2013. The main fruits and vegetables shipped to Brazil in 2014 were plums, with 21,211 tonnes and an 86% increase compared to 2013; pears, with 13,608 tonnes (+36.6%); oranges, with 10,468 tonnes (+18%) and onions, with 10,021 tonnes (+155%).

Exports to Canada in 2014 amounted to 58,721 tonnes, which is 209% more than in the previous year. The main products were oranges, with 22,401 tonnes and mandarins, with 17,635 tonnes.

The third most important non-European destination for Spanish exports was Algeria, with 56.3 million Euro, 25% more than in 2013 and a volume of 82,554 tonnes (+35%).

Overall, Spanish exports to non-European countries in 2014 grew by 32% in value compared to 2013, reaching 421.5 million Euro, and by 46% in volume, with 487,989 tonnes. Exports to these countries registered the highest growth, since shipments to both EU countries and non-EU European countries (including Russia, Switzerland and Norway) both decreased.

Of the total Spanish fruit and vegetable exports in 2014, valued at 10.475 million Euro, 9.561 million Euro went to the EU, 2% less than in 2013, thus accounting for 91% of the export value. Shipments to non-EU European countries amounted to 491.9 million Euro, 15% less than in 2013, mostly due to the decline in exports to Russia, which stood at 148.7 million Euro, down 34% compared to 2013.

The remarkable growth of Spanish exports to non-European third countries such as Brazil and Canada reflects, according to FEPEX, the industry's interest in market diversification and the potential of the countries in the east coast of the American continent, including the United States.

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