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Brazil offers scholarships to foreign researchers

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The Brazilian federal government program Ciencia Sem Fronteiras (Science Without Borders) is offering Special Visiting Researcher (PVE) scholarships in a bid to attract renowned foreign researchers to work in the country.

Applicants from all countries are accepted and registration is open until September 15th. To apply, interested parties are required to hold a PhD or any equivalent title. They are also required to submit a research project focusing on postgraduate courses available in Brazil and recommended by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes), which is in charge of the open call.

The research may focus on higher education institutions or research and development centres and institutes, both public and private.

The lines of research include various fields covered by the Science Without Borders Program, such as oil, gas and charcoal; aerospace technology; renewable energies; computing and information technologies; mineral technology; nanotechnology and new materials; engineering and other technological fields; among others.

Foreign applicants are required to partner up with a Brazilian researcher. The Science Without Borders website provides a link ( for international researchers to find a local partner. Brazilians living abroad may also apply.

The PVE scholarship program’s duration is two to three years, requiring a minimum stay of 30 days in Brazil and a maximum of 90 days per year of project, divided into up to three visits per annum, lasting a minimum of 15 days each. The applicants shortlisted will receive a transportation allowance limited to three two-way trips per year of project.

Participants will also receive a monthly allowance of R$ 14,000 and a research allowance of R$ 50,000 per annum. Additional quotas may be paid for funding postdoctoral studies in Brazil or bi-national postdoctoral studies (partly in Brazil, partly abroad).

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