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Brazilian beef exports to Arab countries up 18.4%

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Brazil has shipped 114,039 tonnes of beef to Middle East and North Africa countries in the first half of this year. The volume is up 18.4% from H1 last year.

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Revenues were up 22.66% to $732.705 million. The figures were supplied by the Association of Brazilian Beef Exporters (Abiec).

The Arab country to which Brazilian beef exports increased the most in H1 was Egypt, up 33.32% to 71,841 tonnes. Revenues from exports to Egypt were up 34.96% to $246.025 million.

"The increase was a of market opportunities, higher consumption and higher income," Abiec chairman Antonio Camardelli said regarding the hike in exports to the North African country. According to him, the same holds true of the remaining Arab countries.

Algeria, for instance, imported 11,371 tonnes of the product in H1, up 24.29% from H1 last year. Revenues from Brazilian beef exports to Algeria stood at $53.164 million, up 27.65%. Exports to the United Arab Emirates were up 28.88% to 9,614 tonnes, and revenues were up 26.34% to $46.670 million.

Exports to Lebanon were up 12.33% to 8,361 tonnes and revenues from said exports were up 16.56% to $43.653 million.

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