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Brazilian trade balance records first surplus of 2015

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The Brazilian trade balance registered in March the first monthly surplus of 2015.

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The balance was positive in $458 million, but both exports and imports dropped in comparison to the same period of 2014. Year-to-date, Brazil has a deficit of $5.ç557 billion, according to the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC).

According to the MDIC, Brazil exported in March the amount of $16.979 billion, 16.8% less compared to March of last year. Imports stood at $16.521 billion and, 18.5% less in the same comparison. Year-to-date, exports fetched 42.775 billion, a drop of 13.7% over the 2014 January to March period. With imports, which amounted to $48.332 billion in Q1, there was a drop of 13.2%.

Brazil exported $7.525 billion in basic goods, with a drop of 29.7% over March of last year. Among manufactured products, there was a 6.1% drop and the total shipped amounted to $6.533 billion. Among the semi-finished products, there was an increase of 8.8% that amounted to $2.461 billion.

Among basic goods, the most significant drops in comparison to March 2014 were registered with iron ore, soybean in grains, crude oil, beef, poultry and maize in grains. Sales of leaf tobacco and soybean meal had an increase, among others.

Among manufactured products, the main declines happened with exports of aircrafts, refined sugar, pneumatics, auto parts, pumps and compressors, among others. The biggest increases were with the sales of flat-rolled products, frozen orange juice and cast iron tubes.

Among semi-finished products, there was an increase in exports of copper cathodes, cast iron and raw sugar, among others.

Exports to every destination declined. Sales to Africa amounted to $728 million and were 18.8% less than March 2014. For the Middle East, the drop was of 5.3% and amounted to $830 million. Year-to-date, only exports to the United States and the Middle East didn’t decline. In both cases, they remained stable.

Between January and March, Brazil exported $2.341 billion to Middle East countries. In the same period of last year, the country had exported $2.34 billion.

Among imports, in March, purchases to drop were of oil and lubricants (-28%), raw materials and intermediate goods (-18.8%), capital goods (-16.3%) and consumer goods (-13.7%). Imports from Africa and the Middle East dropped the most.

In this case, the decline stood at 30.2% due to urea, potassium chloride, aircraft spare parts, organic chemical products, kerosene for aviation and fuel oils. Year-to-date, imports of Middle East products declined 40.7% due to the drop on the purchase of crude oil, kerosene for aviation, alcohols, aircraft spare parts, heterocyclic organic chemical products and fuel oils.

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