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Brits have 21 days annual leave a year on average

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It is already half-way through 2016 and with an average annual leave quote of 21 days, Brits have taken just one-third of that so far.

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British Airways has looked into how travellers plan their holidays to see if Brits are a nation of "panic bookers" or whether they plan well in advance.

Although 21-days is the average leave amount Scots lead the pack with 23.7 days leave, nearly four days more than the Northern Irish who get the least at just 19 days, but everyone will spend at least seven days of their allowance on "personal admin".

The survey has also shown Brits are not a nation that enjoys spontaneity when it comes to a big annual trip with more than half (57 percent) saying they’ve panic booked a holiday, leaving them feeling stressed (36 percent), annoyed (19 percent) and panicked or worried (18 percent).

Most people look to book at seven weeks in advance, although that changes by region with the Welsh and those from the South East giving themselves an eight-week count-down, while the Northern Irish are happy to wait until 5.4 weeks before-hand. Within that, 45-59 year-olds are the most organised booking at 7.7 weeks out, while 16-29 year olds are more laid back, waiting until 6.5 weeks out.

Forty-one percent of the 1,000 surveyed said they do run out of leave quickly in the year, although that altered significantly by age with 57 percent of 16-29 years olds most likely to agree, whereas only 26 percent of 45-59 year olds concurred.

And it seems nearly half (48 percent) find that our preferred leave period has been snapped up by colleagues, while everyone surveyed said they felt they’d missed out on at least one holiday in the last year, due to a lack of annual leave.

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