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Brits think economy will thrive outside EU in 10 or 20 years

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A clear majority of Britons think the economy will do better outside the EU in 10 or 20 years’ time, a poll reveals.

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Ipsos MORI research found that people are optimistic when they think how Britain will fare in the longer term.

Some 55 percent think the economy will be better off in 10 or 20 years because of leaving the EU, while less than half as many, 24 percent, think it will be worse off.

Asked how things will fare in the first five years, 38 percent thought the economy would be better off because of Brexit, and 49 percent worse off.

Six in 10 said Britain will be better able to make decisions in its own national interest, but 42 percent thought the country will have less clout on the world stage.

The public were evenly split on whether national security would be better or worse.

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