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Business emails are still being opened on desktop computers

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The common wisdom may be that just about all email is now opened on mobile devices but depending on your industry, that may be far from the case.

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North American data from Experian Marketing Services for Q2 2015 showed that overall, 48% of all emails sent by Experian clients were opened on the desktop, while 40% were opened on mobile phones or ereaders, and 12% on tablets.

But variation was significant. In the business products and services industry, for example, 73% of emails were still opened on the desktop—and the tablet open share was just half the average.

Publishers, media and entertainment companies and travel firms all had slightly higher-than-average open shares on the desktop, while publishers and travel firms reported clearly lower-than-average open shares on mobile phones.

The picture changed again when Experian Marketing Services reported on click shares—which is key for email marketers.

On average, 62% of clicks happened on the desktop—14 percentage points ahead of the desktop share of opens. Mobile phones, meanwhile, got just 30% of clicks, as opposed to 40% of opens. For every single industry, the desktop was the biggest source of email clicks.

For B2Bs, a whopping 81% of clicks still came from the desktop. Business products and services firms reported a mobile phone click share less than half the overall average, at 13%.

Publishers and consumers products and services firms also had higher-than-average click shares on the desktop, and lower-than-average shares, along with travel firms, on mobile phones.

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