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California leading in new solar jobs, Massachusetts and Nevada following

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The Solar Foundation released state-level solar employment for 14 U.S. states, a follow-up to its national Solar Jobs Censusy.

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As the leading state California's solar jobs grew 38% to 75,600 in 2015, representing 36% of all solar employment in the nation.

Massachusetts remains the second-largest state for solar jobs, with employment growing over 50% to 15,000 jobs in 2015. With a population of less than seven million people, this makes the second-highest per-capita number of solar jobs.

Nevada, the state with the third-highest number of solar jobs tells, is still high but although it increased solar jobs nearly 50% to 8,800 in 2015, leading solar installers have already announced thousands of layoffs.

Outside of these leading states, the census shows broad growth across the nation. The Solar Foundation says that since it began estimating state-level solar employment in 2012, nearly half the states in the nation have at least doubled or more their number of solar jobs.

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