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Canada seeks proposals for interim services during icebreaking season

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The Coast Guard is committed to ensuring the safety of mariners and the security of Canada's waterways.

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Public Services and Procurement Canada, on behalf the Canadian Coast Guard, has issued two Requests for Supply Arrangements (RFSA) to address a short- term need in the Canadian Coast Guard's delivery of additional services on the Saint-Lawrence and the Great Lakes.

These supply arrangements will allow the Coast Guard to continue to deliver high quality and critical services to Canadians such as providing navigation support and icebreaking for safe transportation of commercial goods through Canadian waters as well supporting environmental response.

These services will be used when necessary, to complement Coast Guard's capacity, maintain the flow of marine activity and provide an enhanced level of preparedness to ensure the protection of the marine environment.

The implementation of these RFSAs will support the delivery of services to address severe ice conditions, longer ice seasons, year-long ferry services, and traffic flow increases on the Saint-Lawrence and the Great Lakes while the renewal of Coast Guard's aging fleet is underway.

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