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Canada's internet users like desktop computers

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Internet users in Canada—though young people are becoming more mobile by the day—may be more desktop-bound than their counterparts in the US and UK, according to data from comScore.

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Even the youngest users studied by comScore spent less than half of their time with smartphones in March 2015, vs. 50% in the UK and 61% in the US. Though tablets were taking up more of internet users’ time in Canada than in the US, respondents also reported spending more of their online time with the desktop, eMarketer reports.

Only among 18- to 34-year-olds, and only compared with the UK, were respondents in Canada less tied to a laptop or desktop PC.

Across all age groups, respondents in Canada spent the most time with the desktop, at 48%, vs. 44% in the UK and 39% in the US. Respondents in Canada spent 31% of their time using smartphone apps, 14% using tablet apps, and the remainder with smartphone- or tablet-based browsers.

For social media purposes specifically, however, smartphone apps got the most screen time: 47% in Canada, the same as in the UK and 10 points behind the US. The desktop came in second, at 30% of social time.

eMarketer estimates that the average adult in Canada will spend 4 hours, 12 minutes with digital media each day this year, up from 3 hours, 49 minutes in 2014. More than half of that time will be spent with nonvoice mobile activities, including smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

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