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Chilean kiwi producers expect the best prices ever

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Chilean kiwi suppliers will focus much of their exports in the markets that have strong prices and returns as they have had a 55% decrease in production this season because of the severe frost.

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According to the latest estimates from the Chilean Kiwi Committee, as there are only about 100 thousand metric tons available, all the global markets will receive less fruit.

The U.S. will be a particularly important market at the beginning of the season and Europe should offer better prices when the local stock is depleted. Meanwhile, Asia is expected to have the best prices for the yellow varieties, as usual, despite the hard competition from New Zealand.

"Exporters are telling us that they will start with the U.S., Russia, Latin America and Asia, as these markets have no volume," said the president of the Kiwi Committee, Carlos Cruzat. "They won't put pressure on Europe in the early season, because right now the market has local stocks in Italy and France. We have to give Europe the opportunity to sell their local product, but after they're done the Chilean kiwi will probably be sold at excellent prices."

As Chile's kiwi volumes are half of what they used to be, demand will be high in all markets, so exporters will have to be smart to find the best prices. The industry wouldn't rush to export, even though they could start distributing it early as the fruit has the correct internal quality and good levels of dry matter and sugars.

There are positive signals from U.S. and Chilean producers could reach the best prices ever, because the volume is very low in the market and the demand is very high.

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