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China about Trump: Hope for best, prepare for worst

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Chinese media said that it hoped the new U.S. administration of President Donald Trump understood the importance of relations with China, but that Beijing should also prepare for the worst.

While Trump made no direct mention of China in his inaugural address, he struck a defiant tone, saying American workers have been devastated by the outsourcing of jobs abroad.

In a front page commentary, the overseas edition of the ruling Communist Party's official People's Daily said the two countries should not try to force each other into submission, but look for win-win cooperation and manage their disputes.

"The new U.S. government should realise that it's normal for these two great countries to have problems and disagreements. What is crucial is to control and manage disputes and find a way to resolve them," it said.

"China hopes the inauguration of the new U.S. president can be a new starting point for the development of China-U.S. ties.

"The stable and healthy development of relations accords with the interests of both peoples, and is the common expectation of the international community."