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China attacks Google and Apple with its own phone OS

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China has developed its own cellphone operating system COS aimed at easing the stranglehold of the Google and Apple.

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Named China Operating System (COS) it is a strategic product for national security which has become more urgent in the wake of recent incidents such as the U.S intelligence scandal of Prism and Windows ending further support of its XP system, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) said in a statement.

Similar to the interface on Google's Android and Apple's iOS, the Chinese system can be used on touch-screen phones and serves as a platform for various apps, it can already support thousands of apps, claimed CAS and its partner, Shanghai-based Liantong Network Communication Technology.

Also compatible for tablets and TV set-top boxes, the system is marked by its safety since it allows only one app store, the official one, so as to ensure that all applications are examined to be safe and non-pirated compared with Android, which is open to any apps, the statement said.

COS developers have insisted that the system has its own independent intellectual property right as it is all original work from the underlying code to the user interface, even though it has absorbed the merits of other open-source systems.

"There is a consensus in our field that independent intellectual property rights means the key part of the product is distinct from others," Wu Yanjun, a research fellow from the institute said noting that COS also uses the Linux kernel, like other systems but all the codes above the kernel were written by them.

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