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China tells America to take its garbage back

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Chinese customs officials have refused entry to 469 tons of solid waste from the U.S., the import of which has recently been banned, and sent the garbage back to America.

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Inspectors in Hangzhou, the capital of east China's Zhejiang Province, found the shipment consisting of scrap paper mixed with waste metal parts and used drinking bottles, according to the agency. Shipments with solid waste are prohibited by Beijing.

The customs authorities demanded the garbage be returned to America as soon as possible.

In late 2017, China banned imports of 24 types of solid waste into the country as part of the fight against environmental pollution. Previously, China was a global importer of garbage, including from the United States, which was one of the largest suppliers.

China has long been the world’s recycling bin, processing no less than 50 percent of global exports of waste plastic, paper and metals in 2016. That year, the U.S. paid China $5.2 billion to recycle 16 million tons of waste.

“Large amounts of dirty wastes or even hazardous wastes are mixed in the solid waste that can be used as raw materials,” Beijing said, explaining its decision to the World Trade Organization. “This polluted China’s environment seriously.”

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