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China uses drones to find most polluting factories

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The Chinese Environmental Protection Ministry has been using unmanned aircraft to detect factories that cause excessive pollution or do not comply with regulations, Xinhua reported.

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The drones, equipped with infrared capability that allows them to operate even at night, have been employed since March in the most polluted regions in the country, including Hebei and Beijing, according to official information.

In the city of Handan, drones detected several environment law violations, ranging from excessive emission of pollutants to inadequate treatment of residues.

According to Zou Shoumin from the Environmental Protection Ministry, drones are a new secret weapon to conduct random inspections in the most polluted regions of the country.

It was known that China had begun using drones for maritime surveillance, including in regions with territorial disputes, while some Chinese electronic firms have also begun to use them in a limited manner for home-delivery of goods, similar to the U.S. Company, Amazon.

Strong industrial development, heavy traffic in cities and the use of coal as an energy source, among other factors, have resulted in China having some of the most polluted skies in the world, especially in its northern region, where Beijing is located.

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