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Chinese less enthusiastic for autonomous cars than Americans

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Consumers in China are less enthusiastic than their counterparts in the United States about the prospect of an autonomous vehicle future, according to J.D. Power and Tencent Auto joint research.

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Just 9% of consumers in China are very interested in self-driving vehicles, compared with 18% in the United States.

Unlike the U.S. market, where fuel efficiency consistently ranks among the top purchase reasons, consumers in China rate energy efficiency-related features near the bottom of their priority list.

Three of the 10 least desired features among Chinese consumers are related to fuel efficiency.

Consumers in China are less likely to be influenced by cost when selecting vehicle features. The average cost of the top 10 features selected by Chinese consumers is $1,225 USD vs. just $775 USD in the U.S. market.

While consumers in China are generally positive toward the concept of mobility on demand, just 4% of those surveyed say they are interested in the concept of co-ownership, suggesting that vehicle ownership continues to be a major priority for these consumers.

The top three technology features selected more frequently by men than women in China are drowsiness detection systems, pillar transparency technology and automatic lane keeping.

Among women, the top features selected more often than by men are dash-mounted cameras, smart parking assist and remote control parking.

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