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Chinese market opened to Cuban cigars

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The Cuban ambassador to China, Miguel Ángel Ramírez, highlighted the opportunities offered by this nation for the Cuban tobacco market in its different ranges.

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At the headquarters of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, the Cuban diplomat spoke with the president of the entity, Ling Chengxing, with whom he reviewed the existing commercial ties between the two countries in the marketing and distribution of the famous cigar in this vast market.

By its part, Chengxing ratified the desire to promote joint work and to increase cooperation with Cuba.

Both stressed the opportunities offered by the Chinese market, with one of the most dynamic growths in recent years, for the commercialization of Cuban tobacco in its different ranges, highlighting its excellent quality and preference among smokers of the Asian giant.

During the meeting, they also discussed the importance of continuing and expanding exchanges of experiences between the two countries in that area, as well as Ling's future visit to Cuba this year.

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