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Citizens' jury in Australia rejects nuclear waste dump

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The proposal to establish a nuclear waste dump in South Australia has been hit with a citizens' jury rejecting the idea.

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The jury presented its final report to the state government on Sunday with 70 percent of its 350 members unwilling to support the proposal for a dump under any circumstances.

Their majority report raised questions over safety and cost and also highlighted a lack of trust in the government to deliver, run and adequately regulate such a facility.

It also emphasised the strong objections of indigenous communities and questioned its economic viability, ruling that claims it could raise billions of dollars were based on "assumptions with little support".

"Many jurors believe we don't have a right to make a decision that will have such long-term and irreversible consequences for future generations," the report said.

Premier Jay Weatherill accepted the reports and said they would now help state cabinet make a decision. But he said it was clear that the majority view was strongly opposed to the current proposal.

"They've said no but there are also 50 pages of why they've said no and we need to understand that."

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