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Civilian ships in China to be built by military standard

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China has approved new technical guidelines which make it mandatory for all civilian shipbuilders to construct their vessels for military use.

These orders cover five categories of vessels: containers, roll-on/ roll-off, multipurpose, bulk carrier and break bulk, China Classification Society (CCS) said in a statement reported by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Daily.

CCS and PLA have jointly evolved these new specifications and design requirements, which have now been ratified as National Military Standard.

So far only state-owned shipbuilding firms in China were making civilian vessels by military standards. This plan will enable China to convert the considerable potential of its civilian fleet into military strength and will greatly enhance PLA’s strategic projection and maritime support capabilities, according to the statement.

Last month, China had issued a white paper which stresses on its ongoing transformation into a true maritime power, focused on greater high-seas presence and offensive naval operations.