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Coming to UK without job offer? You'll have generous 12 months

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Britain set out the biggest overhaul of its immigration policy in decades on Wednesday, ending special treatment for European Union nationals.

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In a long-awaited policy paper on how Britain intends to approach immigration after its exit from the EU, the government said the system would prioritise skilled workers and treat EU and non-EU citizens alike.

The government promised to give businesses time to adapt to its post-Brexit plans.

Skilled workers coming to Britain under the new system will have to be sponsored by a company and will be subject to a minimum salary threshold, the level of which will be set following a consultation with businesses over the next year.

The Migration Advisory Committee, an independent body which gives the government advice, has recommended it should be set at 30,000 pounds ($37,947.00) but many businesses have warned this is too high. There will not be a cap on the number of skilled workers.

There will also be a transitional temporary worker scheme, which will allow EU nationals and workers of any skill level from other "low risk" countries, to come to Britain without a job offer for up to 12 months at a time.

The temporary workers scheme would be "tightly constrained", the government said, with no rights to settle, bring dependents or access certain public funds. The scheme will be reviewed by 2025 and could be closed if economic conditions warrant it.

Workers under this scheme must leave Britain for a 12 month "cooling off period" before they can seek to return on another temporary worker visa, the policy paper said.

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