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Companies attack breast cancer with 1,050 new drugs

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A new report from GBI Research - Frontier Pharma: Breast Cancer - states that the breast cancer treatment pipeline's exceptional levels of activity and innovation.

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A staggering 1,050 drugs are in active development across all stages, may significantly alter the clinical and commercial landscape of the disease market over the next decade.

The factors driving such innovation and potential for breakthrough drugs include a very large and growing patient pool, a well-established market with multiple unmet needs, and a robust understanding of the disease pathophysiology, facilitating the development of novel compounds that may fill such needs.

Managing Analyst Dominic Trewartha says: "Breast cancer has the largest product pipeline in the pharmaceutical industry, and its significant patient population and successful commercialization of drugs such as Herceptin have attracted a great deal of R&D investment.

"The sheer number of first-in-class products in development reflects a deepening scientific understanding of the underlying pathophysiology of breast cancer and a growing list of molecules that have been implicated in the initiation and progression of the disease.

"Although the development of products for novel molecular targets is risky, as their role in disease pathophysiology is often poorly characterized, the breast cancer pipeline also has the potential to yield therapies that outperform existing products and mechanisms of action."

GBI Research also states that while the cure rate for early-stage breast cancer is currently high, more advanced forms of the disease, such as metastatic cancer, are not so treatable.

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