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Competitive air transport sector could bring 4 billion euros to Austria

Christian Fernsby |
Austria could benefit from almost €4 billion in extra GDP by 2037 if its improves the competitiveness of its air transport sector.

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That is according to a new study from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which also said an additional 14,000 jobs could be created through the same agenda.

Austria Air Transport Regulatory Competitiveness Indicators said the country would benefit by abolishing the Austrian Air Transport Levy Tax, cost-effectively improving air traffic management and adopting innovative technology to improve the movement of passengers and cargo.

“An agenda for aviation competitiveness can deliver exciting economic and environmental progress in Austria,” said IATA’s Regional Vice President for Europe Rafael Schvartzman.

“If the government finishes what it has started, and abolishes the air transport levy, it will boost the economy. And if this is matched with strategic policy support for sustainable aviation fuels, carbon emissions can be cut faster.”

Currently, aviation in Austria supports nearly 95,000 jobs and contributes €7.6 billion to the economy, accounting for 2.1% of the nation’s GDP.

IATA said that although 14,000 extra jobs and nearly €4 billion additional GDP could be created if competitive policies are pursued, almost 8,000 jobs could be lost if Austrian air transport competitiveness is not enhanced.

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