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Construction of tall buildings banned in Tehran

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Constructing high-rise buildings is banned in Tehran, the head of the civil committee of the Tehran City Council said.

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Eqbal Shakeri told Tasnim in an interview that the law which forbids towering buildings from developing in the capital is passed at long last by the High Council of Architecture and Urban Development, an organization affiliated with the Ministry of Transport and Urban Development.

The subject of constructing tall buildings in the metropolis of Tehran has been discussed for some time, Shakeri said, adding until such time as the rules for constructing or banning the erection of them are set all the request for construction of tall buildings are pending.

He also remarked that Meteorological Organization and Department of Environment are due to provide a report detailing and examining the impact of tall buildings on escalating air pollution in Tehran.

It is believed that tall buildings form a barrier against the wind and worsen the air pollution which usually haunts metropolises particularly during cold seasons.

The councilor said the violation of the new law is punishable and the punitive measures are to be decided by the city council.

He additionally pointed that the law mandates the metropolises to target the rail transportation as the main transport mode in line with policies to minimize air pollution.

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