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Consumer Watchdog to California DMV: Stop Otto’s robot, Uber cannot be trusted

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Consumer Watchdog called on the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to revoke Otto’s robot truck registrations.

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They seek appropriate charges against the company and its executives for illegally testing self-driving technology on California roads.​

The group also said that given Otto's actions, Uber cannot be trusted and the DMV should revoke the registrations of the robot cars Uber recently returned to San Francisco with the claim they won’t operate in self-driving mode.

Uber bought Otto last summer to get access to its self-driving technology.

In a formal complaint to DMV Director Jean Shiomoto, John M. Simpson, Consumer Watchdog Privacy Project Director wrote:

"As you know, testing self-driving vehicles in California requires a permit, something that 21 companies have obtained with no problem.

"Moreover, self-driving vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds cannot be tested in the state under current regulations.

"Otto’s robot trucks fail on both counts. They have no permits and they weigh too much."

"Based on Otto’s behavior, there is absolutely no reason to take Uber’s word for anything," wrote Simpson.

"The company simply cannot be trusted. We call on you to revoke Ubers robot car registrations again."

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