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Consumers very optimistic in Middle East

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MasterCard revealed the results of its latest Index of Consumer Confidence, which indicate that consumer sentiment in Oman has recorded a remarkable increase, with a score of 94.6.

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Consumers in Oman are very optimistic about all five indicators measured in the index. When compared to the previous edition of the survey, consumers are more optimistic about employment (97.4 vs 88.9), regular income (97.3 vs 91.8), stock market (95.0 vs 76.2) and quality of life (93.8 vs 86.9).

Consumers also remain very optimistic about the indicator for economy (89.6 vs 91.8), despite a slight decrease in its score when compared to the previous edition of the index.

The latest findings also indicate that female respondents are more optimistic than male respondents about the coming months (96.0 vs 93.3), and that consumers between the age of 30-44 years (95.4) are more optimistic than younger respondents (93.2).

Across the Middle East, the consumer confidence level remains very optimistic with positive scores for all five indicators, despite slight declines when compared to the previous edition of the Index released six months ago. Consumers are most optimistic about regular income and employment, whereas results indicate a decline in consumer’s confidence about quality of life and the stock market.

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