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Croatia restricts public access to tourism statistics

Christian Fernsby |
Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli of Croatia announced at the press conference that he will no longer publish the monthly arrivals and overnight stays of the eVisitor system.

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This but three times a year at the beginning of July for the first six months, in September with the main season results and end of the year as a final report whole tourist year.

eVisitor is a unique online information system that provides insight into tourist traffic and accommodation capacities (commercial and non-commercial) in Croatia.

It generates statistical reports and marketing indicators in real time (i.e length of stay, location, gender, age, country of residence, type of facility, destination, etc), which enables more efficient monitoring of tourist traffic and revenues, allowing better control over the collection of accommodation fees creating a synergistic effect of all Croatian tourism stakeholders and contributes to ensuring their competitiveness.

"We want to approach tourism in a comprehensive way. The approach to tourism results and tourism is changing globally and it is difficult to track the results from Thursday to Thursday and be objective in such analyzes, as it is often about unparalleled data, due to holiday schedules and the like.

"This is not fair either to tourists or to guests. That is why we will no longer compare day by day, but we will do the presentation of "snapshots" for the pre-season, the main season and the entire tourist year."

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