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Crude oil, gas condensates export from Iran up by 14%

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Export of crude oil and gas condensates has increased 14% during term of the incumbent government.

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Since the new government took office in August 2013, until March 21, 2015, the average of crude oil and gas condensates exports increased around 14 percent, Department of Planning and Supervision on Hydrocarbon resources of Oil Ministry announced.

Prior to beginning of new government term, crude oil was exported through brokers, but during the incumbent government, it was concentrated in the oil ministry to stop speculation in price of crude oil and gas condensates in addition to transparency.

The Department said the Oil Ministry in the term of President Hassan Rouhani formed a 5-member board to sell oil, specially for important cases.

The board included two former cabinet ministers and three veteran directors, who are familiar with banking issues and oil buisiness and are selected by senior officials.

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