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Czech Republic: Drought causes considerable drop in vegetables

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The Union of Vegetable Producers of Bohemia and Moravia has revised the estimate on the impact of drought on vegetable sales, which are now predicted to drop by about 800 million crowns (29.5 million euros).

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That was reported by the president of the union, Jaroslav Zeman. The biggest losses will be registered by onions, cauliflower and cabbage, peppers and tomatoes. Root vegetables, such as carrots or celery, are also affected.

Purchase prices, which would normally fall seasonally, have therefore remained stable.

The Union published its estimates based on the survey conducted by growers. "It's not only a Czech problem; its affecting growers across Europe," stated Zeman. After approval by the Government, the Ministry may support Czech growers up to 2020 with 12.25 billion crowns (451.87 million euros).

Zeman estimated a reduction in the cabbage production of up to 40 percent compared to the normal years. Prices at origin, according to him, stand at around 8 crowns per kilo (0.29 euros), while prices in stores range between 11 and 12 crowns per kilo (0.40-0.44 euros).

In early August, greengrocers estimated losses due to drought at approximately 600 million crowns (22.1 million euros).

This year, vegetable producers in the Czech Republic have cultivated about 9,200 hectares, which is the same acreage as last year. The largest share, according to the Czech Statistical Office, corresponds to onions, with 1,581 hectares. Cabbage is grown on 1,130 hectares, peas on 923 hectares and carrots on 721 hectares.

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