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Data security not big concern for millennials

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According to recent Gallup research, the millennial generation can be described as unattached, connected, unconstrained and idealistic.

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The last characteristic, idealistic, reflects millennials' relatively high levels of optimism. Millennials, who are currently between the ages of 19 and 36, view the economy and their own financial situations more positively than do those in other generations.

Millennials' idealistic nature also extends to how they view the businesses with which they interact. Gallup found that an impressive 80% of them say they have "some" or "a lot" of trust in the companies they do business with to keep their personal information secure. This overall number aligns with those of older generations.

However, across every business type and industry that Gallup has studied, millennials are the generation that is most trusting of institutions to safeguard their personal data.

Millennials exhibit the greatest amount of trust in their primary bank, with 67% of this group saying they have a lot of trust in this institution, compared with 56% of non-millennials.

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