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Debunking myths of success on the internet

Ted Blackwater |
If you want to use the power of the internet to become successful, there are tons of advice out there, from blogs and websites to social networking statuses. They all sound great but there is a problem: 90% of them fall into "completely useless" category. We'll explain why.

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There are advice you can read everywhere, advice that supposedly will bring you the advantage over competition and give you that something special to lift you above the crowd. No matter is it about promoting your new product, starting a new business, expanding the customer base or increasing the value of your personal brand, you can always find some promising advice how to do that. So, what's wrong with them? Let debunk them one by one.

Create a spectacular product. Of course, you have to have a good product for the market but it doesn't have to be spectacular. Average products sell just fine, as a matter of fact everything that solves a customer's problem sells well. So, if you have a product at hand, put it on the market, let it generate income and in the meantime think about improvements and new versions.

Don't waste your time searching for the perfection because you'll end up with nothing while your competition is living fine and well.

Create great content for your blog. Well, the question is what is great content? The problem here is that there's no recipe for a great content, not even mighty Google knows with certainty what's great. Should you study for years before you start to write? Should you read all the blogs to see what other people are doing? Whom to ask, what to do...

Instead of spending endless hours trying to understand what a great content it, sit down and write. Believe us, if you know what you are talking about, your content will be very good.

Nurture your personal brand. This is one to think about a little bit. There's no doubt that celebrity CEOs are adding much to their company and brand values but there are just a few celebrities out there. So, the question is: are you promoting yourself or your product? Do you want people to use your service or to celebrate your personally? What's more important: your product or you?

Instead of "me, me, me!" put your product and service first and let them speak for you. Personal brand is important but you can get it through your work, not by yelling "I'm the expert! I'm the expert!" all over the internet.

Make something great. Well, that' a good advice but a) make what? and b) why great? So, about a. Instead of thinking what that great could be, do what you are doing. If you are writer, write. If you are designer, design. If you are an inventor, innovate. And don't think is it great or not, just do it. With time, and with experience, you will know yourself is that good enough to show to the world or you need a bit more work.

And now great... That word is so much in use, it almost lost its meaning. Everything's great. Great job! Great product! Great day! "You woke up this morning? Great job!" Take a look at this list: great, wonderful, excellent, brilliant, outstanding, special, fantastic, superb... You see, there are a lot of words out there and they all have their meaning and those meaning are different although they all are used to describe something good.

So, instead of taking "Great job!" for granted, ask yourself is it really great. Maybe it's good, maybe OK, maybe absolutely brilliant, maybe it's for the trash. Answer to that question honestly and you will know where you stand. If you are above the crowd, that's cool, nice work mate.

And if you are still in the crowd, don't waste your time trying to find some magic solution on the internet, you get back to work. You'll make something to be proud of sooner than you think.

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