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Denmark advancing among world’s major shipping nations

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The Danish-controlled fleet is increasing. Taking the sixth place on the list of the world’s major shipping nations given as operated tonnage, Denmark has advanced one place.

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​Already from early 2018, Danish shipping has a fair wind and has succeeded in advancing on the list of major shipping nations. This is demonstrated by the most recent overview from IHS Markit (Sea-web).

At present, Danish shipping is undergoing positive developments. This is now directly deductible from the ranking list of the world’s major shipping nations.

Denmark has overtaken Germany and has, thus, advanced to the sixth place, given as operated tonnage which covers owned or chartered-in ships operated by Danish shipowners.

The list of the world’s major operating nations

1. Greece
2. Japan
3. China
4. Singapore
5. USA
6. Denmark
7. Germany.

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