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Drug trafficking economy in Mexico reports billions in revenues

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In Mexico, a drug trafficking economy has taken roots and generates annual revenues of 600 billion pesos (more than 31 billion dollars).

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That sum was disclosed in a research on the country's new development strategy that involved 477 experts and researchers from several universities, led by Jose Luis Calva, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

The resources moved by organized crime, through drug trafficking, equal the sales from several industries that operate here legally, Calva explained in an interview with the newspaper La Jornada.

In a chain that goes from the crops to drug peddling on the streets, this drug trafficking economy generates revenues of 800 billion to one million people involved in that activity.

Calva referred to statistics provided by the US Department of State to say that in organized crime, 'illegal drug sales generate annual gross revenues of 600 billion pesos to the Mexican cartels.'

The same source, he added, notes that the Mexican drug cartels receive 19,000-39,000 million dollars a year from the United States.

For the sake of comparison, the scholar recalled that family remittances to Mexico amount to 22 billion dollars a year, according to the Bank of Mexico.

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