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Dubai International Airport to be repaired next summer

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Emirates airline and flydubai will face a reduction in services next summer due to runway repairs at Dubai International Airport. The northern and second runways are scheduled to undergo maintenance repairs from May 1 to July 20.

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A spokesperson for Dubai Airport said airlines were informed that capacity would be reduced by 28 percent during 80 days. Details on the reduction of services you can read here.

An Emirates spokesperson said the airline had a close working relationship with Dubai Airports and was aware of the need for the runway to be upgraded. A Dubai Airports spokesperson said airlines would have to make changes to flight schedules in line with reduced capacity.

Gaith Al Gaith, CEO of flydubai, labelled the runway repairs as a disturbance: "The scheduled upgrade to Dubai International's runways next year will be a disturbance for flydubai resulting in flight cancellations”. flydubai have yet to make a decision on flight schedules for the second half of 2014.

A search using book a flight showed the airline flies twice daily in March 2014 from Dubai to Amsterdam on EK0147 and EK0149. The same search in May 2014, during the runway upgrade, showed just the one daily EK0147 flight. The Dubai to Frankfurt route also reflected a one daily flight reduction in May 2014 when compared to March 2014.

An Emirates spokesperson said the airline supported the runway upgrade but would not comment on which flights had been altered between May 1 and July 20: "We fully support the airport enhancements, which are in the wider interests of Dubai's development as a global aviation hub. Emirates will provide full cooperation with any rescheduling required and adjust operations accordingly". â– 

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