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Dubai to become fist city to test digital license plates

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Dubai plans to test digital license plates that will alert police and ambulance centers of road emergencies.

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The United Arab Emirates city will be the first in the world to test the technology when it holds a trial of the Roads and Transport Authority's Tag2Connect platform beginning next month.

The system features digital screens that act as "smart plates" equipped with GPS, transmitters and a microprocessor chip.

Sultan Abdullah al-Marzouqi, head of the RTA's Vehicle Licensing Department, said the plates will contact police and ambulance services if the vehicle is involved in a collision and allows real-time communication with other drivers about traffic and accidents.

The smart plates will also be linked to a drivers' traffic file and user account's allowing them to pay fines and parking fees or renew registration plates automatically.

Drivers will also be able to change their plates using the RTA's app or website and the plates will be able to display an alert if the vehicle or plate is stolen.

"The smart plate is like a device that is connected to the system. It will be compatible with the different mobile platforms and drivers will be able to conduct any transaction using the plate number, without having to visit the customer care center," al-Marzouqi said.

Al-Mazouqi added the trial of the system will be conducted until the end of this year to determine the logistics and identify any glitches.

"During the trial we will work out the modalities of the system, the cost of the plates, how to roll it out in the future and it will require to have the system in place," he said.

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