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Dubai vegetable and fruit trade up 19%

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According to statistics issued by Dubai Customs, the Emirate's trade in fruit and vegetable amounted to approximately Dh6.4 billion in the first half of 2013, compared to Dh5.4 billion in the first half of 2012.

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This increase reflects a 19 percent growth in value an coincides with the International Perishables Expo Middle East, currently being held in Dubai. The U.S. has topped the list of Dubai's trading partners in fruit imports by about 25 percent, amounting Dh794 million, while India came in second with a 15 percent share, amounting to Dh 477 million, followed by South Africa with a 12 percent share of Dh384 million.

The share of these three leading countries combined totalled 52 percent of total fruit imports, or Dh1.7 billion. Regarding fruit exports and re-exports, Iran leads the list with a 29 percent share, amounting to Dh422m with Saudi Arabia coming next at a 14 percent share amounting to Dh207 million and India, with an 11 percent share, amounting to Dh163m. The total share of these three countries combined was 55 percent with a value of Dh792 million.

As far as the vegetable trade is concerned, India tops the list of Dubai's trading partners with a 15 percent share (valuing Dh213 million) followed by Australia with a 14 percent share and Canada with a 12 percent. The share of these three countries reached 41 percent of the total vegetable imports of Dubai, with a value of Dh569 million.

In the export and re-export arena, Iran has a share of 24 percent valued at Dh94 million followed by the Sultanate of Oman with a 21 percent share, Dh82 million, and Qatar with an 11 percent share, Dh42 million. The combined share of the three countries reached 56 percent of the total exports and re-exports of vegetables with a value of Dh217 million.

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