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Dutch company tried to hijack its own ship under construction

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La Naval Shipyard in Bilbao, Spain, is in the process of bankruptcy, with all assets frozen.

One of the owners on such a ship, offshore cable layer Living Stone, Dutch company Tideway, tried to hijack the ship, which was to be completed in first half of 2017 (contracted was inked in 2015), but actually, is far from completion, Maritime Bulletin reported.

Several people entered shipyard premises at night September 20, tasked with letting go mooring lines, while two Dutch tugs were to take LIVING STONE hull on tow.

Those people were arrested, tugs were warned they can’t perform any towage in Bilbao port waters.

Ship owners don’t count on compensation to be paid for overdue ships, they lost even hope their ships will be completed, all they want is to take the ships they own, in whatever condition those ships are. But they can’t.

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