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Dutch hotels achieved highest growth rate in nearly 4 years

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According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), turnover in the sector hotels and restaurants (including snack bars, pubs and bars) rose by almost 3 percent in Q1 2017 compared to the preceding quarter.

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Turnover in this sector has increased almost continuously over the past 4 years. The volume of sales (food, drinks and overnight stays) also grew in Q1.

Hotels achieved the highest quarter-on-quarter turnover growth in Q1 (4.5 percent). For hotels this is the highest growth rate in nearly 4 years.

Restaurants realised 4.2 percent turnover growth in Q1 relative to Q4 2016. Volume (sales adjusted for price developments) rose by 3.7 percent. Snack bars, including tearooms, fast food restaurants, meal delivery services and ice-cream parlours saw 0.9 percent turnover growth in Q1.

Pubs and bars (also including pubs providing meal services and coffee bars) realised a growth of 0.6 percent in Q1, whereas in Q4 2016 turnover declined by 0.6 percent.

Turnover growth generated in pubs and bars in Q1 is mainly due to higher prices, the volume of sales remained unchanged.

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