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Electricity pricing to have implications at election in Australia

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The "sudden revelation" from the ACCC and the Federal Government that there is a severe electricity affordability problem and the price increases over the last 10 years are putting Australian businesses and consumers under unacceptable pressure.

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The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) president Stuart Armitage said the ongoing "energy crisis" was nothing new for Queensland farmers, who over the past decade had experienced electricity price increases of at least 130%.

For some, the cost of this basic need and critical farm input has risen by 300%. Over the same period, CPI has increased by just 21%.

“The viability of farming and other regional businesses continues to be challenged, almost solely due to the rising cost of electricity,” said Armitage.

“For our sector, it has been a long road getting governments to take this issue seriously and to start committing to genuine action to deal with it.”

With the "energy crisis" issue now well and truly in the mainstream political climate, the eyes of all politicians should be open to the very real implications this issue will have at ballot boxes throughout the country, with Queensland being the first state to the polls.

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